And I Hate You So 2000

Pop star Aaron Kwok stars in this romantic comedy as the acerbic host of a talk radio show. When he fights with renowned syndicated columnist Kelly Chan over a record album, he begins a media feud by bad mouthing her on air. As the two fire barbs back and forth throw their respective mediums, they become a media sensation and, to their surprise, discover a mutual attraction.

So Long! 2013

AKB48 Drama split in 3 parts for each team Team A story: Kawakami Fukaba is the only remaining member of the Broadcasting Club. While she was cleaning the clubroom, she encountered a strange cassette player that connects her to another member of the club 8 years earlier. Team K story: Miho is annoyed at her younger sister Tsubasa, who is trying to make her participate in a piano competition. Unknown to Miho, Tsubasa is hiding something from her. Team B story: Asuka keeps a blog titled "Tsuki ga nai Sora" (Moonless Sky), where she writes about all her problems. The only person who comments on the blog is called Spaceboy (6B6), and seems to know more about Asuka than anyone in her class.

So Weird 1999

So Weird is an American television series that aired on the Disney Channel as a midseason replacement from January 18, 1999 to September 28, 2001. The series was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. In season one and season two, the series centered on teenage girl Fiona Phillips who toured with her rock star mom, while encountering paranormal activity along the way. The series was compared to the Fox TV series The X-Files since it took a darker tone than other Disney Channel Originals. For the third and final season, Disney replaced Cara DeLizia with actress Alexz Johnson playing Annie Thelen. Production ceased after 65 episodes.

So Sharp 2017

Todd Sharp is the coach of the University of Louisville Dance Team, the Ladybirds, and he’s driven, precise and over-the-top. The team has over 15 national championships under their belt and with this year’s nationals fast approaching, Todd will push the ladies to another victory, even if it kills him.

So Graham Norton 1998

So Graham Norton was a British television programme, hosted by Irish personality Graham Norton. It ran from 3 July 1998 to 1 March 2002.

So You Think You Can Dance 2005

American competition television series in which dancers vie for exposure and recognition and with hopes of securing, in addition to a monetary prize, professional opportunities in the world of dance and entertainment.

So Little Time 2001

So Little Time is an American sitcom starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen that aired on Fox Family. The first half of the series aired from June 2, 2001, to August 15, 2001. The series then went on a four-month hiatus owing to network management changes. By December 2001, Fox Family had become ABC Family, and the remaining episodes aired until May 4, 2002.

Ending So Gently 2017

The first part of the series revolves around three young people who live in a popular neighborhood, and because of their carelessness and recklessness they are exposed to many problems and comedy situations. The events of the second part of the series revolve around human conflict and the creation of a third world war.

My So-Called Life 1994

The life of a 15 year-old high school student, whose angst-ridden journey through adolescence, friendship, parents, and life teaches her what it means to grow up.

The Switch 2018

Just as the responsibility of a teacher, has resolved resentment Gypsy identity Ha Linh should gradually be exposed. Enemies seek to take advantage of school and the pupils used as bait to force Ha Linh must appear. One side is the safety for themselves, one side of student life, Ha Linh forced to choose - to sacrifice himself or neglect students?

Princess Agents 2017

During the Warring Period, the Western Wei enslaved large numbers of civilians. The slave girl, Chu Qiao, is thrown into a forest along with other slaves and becomes the next hunting target for the rich lords. She is saved by the Prince of Northern Wei, Yan Xun. Afterwards, she is brought into a powerful family of Yuwen and witnesses their bloody power struggle. Seeing this, she swears to take her younger sister and flee from the situation. However, she catches the attention of Yuwen Yue, and undergoes strict training while building a sense of companionship with Yan Xun. Unfortunately, Western Wei goes into battle and Yan Xun’s family is slaughtered. After that incident, Yan Xun grows ambitious and cruel to avenge for the things and the people he lost. He doubts Chu Qiao and takes advantages of her loyalty and love many times, disregarding their relationship as well as the sacrifices he will have to make for power. Disappointed with the man she once loved, Chu Qiao eventually breaks off her relationship with Yan Xun and chooses to fight with Yuwen Yue, destroying Yan Xun’s plans of vengeance. She eventually convinces Yuwen to free the country from slavery, becoming a successful military strategist/female general in the people’s hearts.

So Notorious 2006

So Notorious, sometimes stylized So NoTORIous, is an American sitcom on VH1, loosely based on the life of actress Tori Spelling. The series debuted on April 2, 2006 and despite lasting only ten episodes, received substantial acclaim from critics.

Something So Right 1996

Something So Right is an American television situation comedy which ran on two different networks during its time on the air, and in reruns on the USA Network for a number of years after its cancellation. Something So Right starred Mel Harris as Carly Davis, a twice-divorced party planner who had married Jack Farrell, a divorced English teacher. They had three children, one from each of their former marriages. This program premiered on NBC in the fall of 1996, but despite airing between the Top 30 hit Mad About You and the Top 20 hit Frasier, found a rather small audience there and was canceled the following spring, only to be picked up as a midseason replacement on ABC the next year, running until July.

That's So Weird 2009

That's So Weird was a Canadian sketch comedy television show owned by the Halifax Film Company and was broadcast on YTV. The show has been described as SCTV or Mad TV for teenagers and includes an array of comedic skits.

So Awkward

A sitcom about three very academically bright, but socially awkward 13 year old girls, trying to make sense of life, boys and fitting in. Straight A, super-nerds LILY, MARTHA and JAS are an inseparable trio, bound together by brains, loyalty and embarrassment. While other girls their age are going to parties, netball practice and sleepovers, Lily, Martha and Jas are busy with chess club, homework and Friday nights in watching documentaries. They just don’t fit in with their peers and they don’t want to. They obsess over their grades, are baffled by teen trends, and have absolutely no understanding of boys. In spite of their ups and downs they are learning that it’s not only ok to be different, it’s important. They have their own unique take on the world and, crucially, they have each other. While they might be the three smartest girls in the class, they’ve got a lot to l

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