Crash Course Sociology 2017

Host Nicole Sweeney walk through questions big and small about how we both shape societies and are shaped by them.

Crash Course Mythology 2017

Crash Course Mythology with Mike Rugnetta is here, and we have the preview video to prove it. We'll be uploading Friday afternoons to fulfill all your hunger for foundational cultural stories and whatnot.

Crash Course Film History 2017

Beginning April 13th, join Craig Benzine (the internet's WheezyWaiter) for 16 weeks of Film History right here on Crash Course. He'll look at the history of one of our most powerful mediums. Film has the ability to communicate with images, entertain, move us, frighten us, and so much more. From A Trip to the Moon to Captain America: Civil War, the history of film is really a history of humanity and Craig will do his best to lead us all through it. Additional segments of the Film course will be Production, hosted by Lily Gladstone; and Criticism, hosted by Michael Aranda.

Collision Course 2017

Documentary series spotlighting infamous car and airplanes involving celebrities.

Killision Course 2016

The four-episode, genre breaking series, recreates true stories of murder connecting the victim, accomplice and killer, on a joy ride of suspense, betrayal and obsession.

Crash Course Statistics 2018

Welcome to Crash Course Statistics! In this series we're going to take a closer look at how statistics play a significant role in our everyday lives. Now this a "math" course, and there will definitely be some math, but we're going to focus on how statistics is useful and valuable to you - someone that performs AND consumes statistics all the time. Statistics are everywhere from batting averages and insurance rates to weather forecasting and smart assistants, and it's our hope that when you finish this series you'll get a better idea of the role statistics play in helping us better understand the world!

Crash Course 2009

Crash Course is an American game show that premiered on ABC on August 26, 2009. It is hosted by Orlando Jones and Dan Cortese. The series has teams of two competing for a golden steering wheel and $50,000. The series was aimed to try and outbest Wipeout, but failed to beat its audience and has been canceled after three aired episodes.

Crash Course Study Skills 2017

Welcome to Crash Course Study Skills! Over the next 10 weeks, Thomas Frank is going to help you learn to be a better student. We'll go over study tips, note taking, getting organized, and so much more!

Crash Course Theater and Drama 2018

We're back! This year Mike Rugnetta is teaching you about theater and drama. Are you in drama club? Want to know about the history of theater? Maybe learn some theater history? Have a lot of fun? This is the series for you! Over the next year, we're going to learn about the history and workings of the dramatic arts, together. It's going to be a great time, very low drama. Except it's all drama. Embrace the paradox, folks.

Crash Course Computer Science 2017

In this series, we trace the origins of our modern computers, take a closer look at the ideas that gave us our current hardware and software, discuss how and why our smart devices just keep getting smarter, and even look towards the future!

Crash Course Chemistry 2013

Hank does his best to convince us that chemistry is not torture, but is instead the amazing and beautiful science of stuff.

Richard Hammond's Crash Course 2012

Richard Hammond's Crash Course is an original series made for BBC America, presented by Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond. The show's first season premiered on April 16, 2012. The show follows Hammond, as in each episode, he is given three days to learn how to operate various pieces of heavy equipment across the United States. A trailer for the series was posted on BBC America's official website on March 19, 2012. The series' first season began airing on BBC2 in the United Kingdom on September 2, 2012.

Crash Course Big History 2014

Big History examines our past, explains our present, and imagines our future. It's a story about us. An idea that arose from a desire to go beyond specialized and self-contained fields of study to grasp history as a whole.

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